The librarian´s father

Once, the librarian of my school told me that in a little village in Granada, one day, a very tall and thin man knocked the door, out of breath, hiding from the army. At that time some books were completely forbidden and this man was reading one of these books. The librarian’s father was happy to take him, but the army followed him to that village. Since they didn’t know which house he could have entered, they decided to go into all the houses making sure there was nobody. When the librarian’s father knew that the army was searching all the houses, he decided to hide him in a cave, since he was a shepherd, he knew where there was one. He took him to the countryside and hid him. The army, when seeing he was not in any of the houses, decided to search in the countryside. They saw the librarian’s father in front of a cave and they asked him if there was something in the cave. The father told them that there were only goats but the soldiers didn’t believe him and decided to go inside and check the whole place. In the time the father spent talking to the soldiers, the man had escaped through a crack in the cave and this way they didn’t catch him. Two or three months later, they received a letter from the man, saying that he thanked them for having hidden him. That if they hadn’t done it, he would now be dead. The man was in France and had already created his own family. Each year he sent a box to the librarian full of toys, food and many, many other things. My librarian told me that they hadn’t heard from him since 1975.

Carmen Ochoa, 11 years. Bécquer High School, Algete, Madrid

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