Our Goals

  • To develop the educational potential of collective memory, reorienting it towards a reconciling peace, grafting the peace strands in it;
  • To contribute to healing, by grafting peace strands in the collective memories, chronic wounds caused by traumatic violences;
  • To enrich mutual interest and forge cheerful links between generations through sharing remembrances;
  • To orchestrate a wave of civic energy fuelled by the complicity of families collecting and making public stories with Strands of Peace;
  • To engage citizens as critical participants in building a common historical memory, through giving value to the stories of ordinary families;
  • To contribute to a democratical access tof the past, opening the door of History to the communicative memory of each citizen;
  • To contribute to a past that belongs to all of us, thus avoiding the construction of a collective memory, which serves as a tool for powerholders to use to further their own interest.

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