The Memoria y Procomún working group has found strands of Peace from a number of different sources:

  • in various publications;
  • a variety of individuals in Germany, Croatia, Guatemala, Serbia, Colombia, and different parts of Spain have told biographical stories from their families;
  • in five high schools in Madrid, where students collected more than 300 stories from elders in their families or surroundings. More and more such stories are presented in the classroom, which often enhances the popularity of the storytellers amongst their peers. Some of these stories have been selected, presented in the classroom in an accessible format. In November 2013, 60 of these students, with 6 teachers, presented these stories in Kursaal Conference Centre of San Sebastian and in different schools of the city.)

Donostia/San Sebastian 2016 as European Capital of Culture (DSS2016) offered as soon as April 2014 to host and develop in its own framework the Strands of Peace Project at a European scale and with special focus in the Basque Country. However due to internal reasons the only form DSS2016 could offer at this respect to the Strands of Peace Association (SPA) has been a contract for it to  deliver  minor services to DSS2016 for the development of the PSS. This was unacceptable as it excluded a cooperation at eye-level and consequently no agreement could de achieved. But DSS has been of great help for the SPA to draft for he german Allianz Cultural Foundation an application for funding  the development of the PSP in the mediterranean area during 2016.

Apart from DSS2016, different high level institutions from Bosnia/Herzegovina, Germany, Greece, Italy and other European countries in the field of memory, peace education and coexistence, like GARIWO (Milan), GARIWO (Sarajevo), EURED (Klagenfurt), IG13 Februar (Dresden), Dialog der Generationen (Berlin), Poiein Kai Prattein (Athens), Convives (Madrid), University of Wroclaw  (Poland),  MateraHub (Matera, Italia), Teatro del Barrio (Madrid), Sereno Regis Centre (Torino)   lend support to the SPP or participate in it.

Last April Juan Gutiérrez was invited as president of PSA by Bogotá’s City Authority to present  the PSP in the “World Summit of Art and Culture for Peace in Colombia” and extended his stage in the country to Antioquia, where he again presented the PSP in the Orientecampus of the University of Antioquia and the Museum/Haus of Memory in Medellín.

Next September the PSA is going to sign a Frameworkconvention with the University of Alcalá (Madrid)  for joint research and outreach related to the PSP work with its Department of Education for Peace and Conviviality headed by Prof. Juan Carlos Torrego.


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