A good action

The grandmother of a friend of mine tells the story, heard from her mother, that her husband, my friend’s great-grandfather was a “nacional” and one day he tried to go from red (republican) territory to the “nacional” territory to be able to join his family. This was quite risky since he had to cross through a place where most probably there were militia men, as republican soldiers were called. When he was going to cross, he met one of them; this militia man was armed but my friends great grandfather wasn’t. They stood there and did nothing and after a while, which felt like an eternity, the soldier made a sign, and without saying anything, invited my friend great grandfather to continue. This way, thanks to this good person, he was able to pass over to national territory and join his loved ones.

Michelle Jaramillo 4C. Bécquer High School, Algete, Madrid

una buena accion

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